Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Jababa has been dazzling audiences since their inception in late 2007. The five-piece band blends elements of funk and fusion jazz, creating a unique sound that pays homage to their influences while simultaneously forging new ground.

With a healthy mix of self-taught and formally-trained musicians, Jababa crafts songs that create a thumping groove accompanied by intricate melodies and arrangements that highlight each member’s musicianship.

Jababa has evolved over the years, growing from its original four-piece lineup to incorporate a full horn section. Recently, the band has returned closer to its roots, featuring only one horn. The end result has been truly electric. Shifting back to a five-piece has created additional space in the music, facilitating greater interplay between the band.

Like a fine wine, Jababa continues to get better with age. Their music is currently reaching new heights, achieving dynamic peaks which captivate and galvanize fans at every show.

Whether they are dropping some down-and-dirty funk at a late night show or killing it softly during a mellow dinner set, Jababa has the ability to connect with the audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

Brad Huffman - Guitar
Andrew Martin - Fender Rhodes & Organ
Matt Gader – Drums
Neil Hebbert – Bass
Eric Erhardt – Saxophone